Tips to Get Workout Motivation at Home

Tips to Get Workout Motivation at Home

The Motivation for Workout at Home can be challenging to find in this period of confinement. However, it is essential not to give up on your workouts because exercise gives your body and mind a good boost.

Due to the Social Distancing, the Gyms are closed. Most people are stuck at Home. You need to make a conscious effort to take your steps every day and try to create a new exercise program using your home environment and all the equipment you have. But how do you motivate yourself to exercise at home at a time like this?

Here are some basics of mental preparation that will help you keep your mind on top of things, motivate you, and restore your confidence.

Tips to Get Workout Motivation at Home
Workout Motivation at Home

1- Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Why do you have a problem with not working out at the gym? Why is it important to you? Limiting beliefs are thoughts, fixed, and clear-cut ideas about specific areas of your life. They have an exaggerated dimension with terms such as “too much, never, totally, a lot.”

Thinking that you can totally lose your muscle mass or considerably reduce your performance. This art of Thinking has a negative impact because they generate unpleasant and disturbing thoughts. Are these beliefs founded? Have you ever really lost a lot of muscle mass by not going to the gym?

Your goal is to look for rational and well-founded elements that contradict your limiting belief and bring it back to reality.

The next step is the reconstruction of a positive and challenging belief.

This allows us to have a positive state of mind and to approach this period with more optimism and enthusiasm.

2- Set Smart Goals

In the second stage, set new objectives adjusted to the situation. Keeping the same goals as those you had in the gym is not adapted to the context. And that directly impacts your motivation. You do not have the same equipment, the same resources, or the same training. So, it is complicated to achieve the same performances. However, the playing field can still be fun if you change the rules.

Your Goals must be:

Positive: Focus your attention on the action you need to take instead of dwelling on what you want to eliminate from your daily life.

Specific: target an exercise precisely.

Measurable: quantify your goal, create a measurement scale.

Adapted: according to the equipment available, according to the environment, according to your level of practice.

Difficult: to motivate and stimulate you, but achievable and realistic.

Now, you can set Your Goals:

Mastery Goals

To reinforce your confidence and motivation concerning the technical aspect of your sport. You can work on your squat technique, your mobility, your flexibility. Set steps and self-evaluation criteria to assess your progress on each movement. The result also depends on your technical mastery of each shift.

Challenge Yourself

The goals rely only on you, on your performance and develop your motivation and pleasure in your sport. Define a purpose, a distance, a time to beat on measurable exercises. Challenging yourself at each training session allows you to have a goal to reach and to maintain this competitive spirit with yourself to give the best of yourself. Surpass yourself!

Long-Term Goal

That will enable you to have a future vision, a destination to reach, a point of arrival. Then divide this path into several stages as a short or medium-term objective. This Technic allows you to see your progress, to have immediate feedback on your actions, and to readjust your goals according to your evolution. Focus on the path rather than on the point of arrival, which is only the addition of several stages.


Tips to Get Workout Motivation at Home
Workout Motivation at Home

3- Set an Action Plan

Once the objectives are defined, move on to the action plan. What resources do you have available to achieve these objectives? What resources for what actions? Planning increases motivation and makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Create your personalized plan according to your personality, your needs, and your habits. You decide you are the boss!

Be creative, invent, innovate, create your program, and have fun!

Limiting beliefs identified, objectives defined, action plan put in place, we move on to practice. Here are two mental preparation tools that you can integrate into your physical practice:

Motivational speech

it is talking to yourself in a positive and motivating way. “I am capable, strong and powerful! “To add meaning and value to these words, identify one or more moments in which you experienced these sensations, where you were particularly powerful, confident.

Revisit this moment by adding all the physical and mental feelings you felt when you experienced it. The words of the internal motivational speech boost you, stimulate you, and give you confidence!

Mental Imagery

Its a form of simulation and visualizing, a real sensory experience except that the experience lived in the brain. Whether it is conscious and controlled or carried out unconsciously and automatically, it is a crucial tool for developing confidence, motivation, managing emotions, or perfecting a special gesture.

The benefits are multiple, but its proper execution must be respected. Mental imagery can be used before, during, or after a sports session. It allows you to relive a successful situation or to protect yourself.


Tips to Get Workout Motivation at Home
Workout Motivation at Home

The Visualization must be:

  • Positive: seeing oneself succeed and not fail
  • Realistic: adapted to one’s level
  • Personal: seeing oneself and not another person
  • Regular: to be practiced every day

These tools are mental pieces of training that complement physical exercise; they consider the sensory dimension of your sports practice and allow you to solicit cognitive functions involved in the performance. Just like physical training, this requires time, regularity, and patience. If you want to obtain a different result, change your plan of action, integrate new elements, this is your added value.

Now you have the most efficient tools to keep your mind on top during this period without a gym.

I know it will be difficult, but you can face this challenge and come out stronger!


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