Tips For Those Who are Not Able to Lose Weight by Summer

One of the most important steps in removing excess weight is getting rid of bad eating habits.

  • Eating out

Keep in mind: the more often you eat non-homemade food, the higher your risk of gaining excess weight. This is due to the inability to control the amount of fat contained in it.

  • Food for the company

Very often, a person overeats in a public place or when he is with friends, relatives. A classic example is an all-inclusive vacation when vacationers literally swallow their food in basins.

  • Meal passes

Many people think that by skipping a meal (most often lunch), they are reducing the number of calories they eat per day. Alas, practice shows that this is one of the most offensive traps! The fact is that skipping food provokes a strong feeling of hunger for the next meal resulting in overeating. If a person ignores lunch, then a binge attack occurs at dinner.

  • Food “with accompaniment”

Eating food should always be an independent activity. In no case you should eat while watching TV, reading or working at a computer. The screen or book can easily distract the person from the sensations of the body and make him miss the moment of saturation.

  • Food on the go

Fast food (such as driving or on the run) increases the risk of overeating.

  • Seizing feelings and emotions

Consuming food to alleviate a problematic emotional state is one of the most common bad habits. Some take a bite of failures and disappointments; others eat something tasty to cheer themselves up. For others, food helps to cope with irritation; still, others chew something out of boredom. If you are prone to this behaviour, try to find other ways to restore your peace of mind.

Perform More Physical Exercises

It is unlikely that today it is necessary to convince someone that sports are useful. Our body is literally built for physical activity. However, most people simply ignore this fact.

Learning to enjoy sports is easy: you just need to start. You will immediately notice the improvements after a morning exercise, a dance lesson or a jog in the park. It improves not only the state of health but also the mood. All this because physical activity increases the level of endorphin (one of the “happiness hormones”) in the body.

You will achieve the best results if you regularly do three types of exercises: strength, aerobic, and flexibility exercises.

If you don’t have time for serious workouts, just add movement to your daily routine. For example, you can go to work not by bus, but by bike. Or get off two stops early and walk to the office. How about a little dance while cleaning? Or do a short warm-up before your lunch break?

Short but powerful interval workouts are beneficial. They will only take 5-7 minutes! Here are some simple exercises you can do throughout the day:

Source: 7 minutes to fit

Reduce stress levels

Stress has been shown to increase the level of cortisol. This hormone contributes to the accumulation of excess adipose tissue and the development of abdominal obesity. It negatively affects (when fat accumulates in the abdominal cavity around internal organs) health in many ways.

How stressed are you? Rate your condition on an 8-point scale. Points indicate the frequency of experiences: 1 – never; 2 – extremely rare; 3 – very rare; 4 – rarely; 5 – sometimes; 6 – often; 7 – very often; 8 – constantly (daily).

Calculate your score. The larger it is, the higher your stress level.

Rating scale:

  • Less than 99 points – low-stress level;
  • 100–125 points – average stress level;
  • More than 125 points – high-stress level.

Congratulations if your stress level is within normal limits! What should those who have a less rosy picture do? Of course, look for healthy ways to cope with stress. Put them into practice in a test mode, evaluate the results and implement those that work best for you.

But first, let’s list the unhealthy habits. This is overeating, drinking alcohol, watching TV.

And now, about the healthy. Psychologists consider communication with friends (preferably without alcohol and overeating). Doing something creative like a favourite hobby, music, meditation, physical activity, and prayer (if you are a believer) always helps. Also, you can opt for communication with nature, yoga, relaxing massage, breathing techniques to the most effective anti-stress remedies. And, of course, psychotherapy with the right specialist.

Get Enough Sleep

We sacrifice sleep too often to finish another project. Write a letter to a friend or just sit on social networks. Remember why you stay up late. In any case, it cannot be more important than a good night’s rest.

According to Harvard Medical School, chronic lack of adequate sleep leads to negative consequences associated with memory, immunity, mood and activity. Also, it contributes to weight gain. This is because, during the night’s rest, the leptin hormone is regulated. It is responsible for appetite and the ability to utilize carbohydrates efficiently.

Tips For Those Who are Not Able to Lose Weight
Lack of sleep disrupts metabolism.

To get the most out of your sleep, start following a few simple rules:

  • Do more exercise throughout the day, but refrain from doing it just before bed.
  • Complete all difficult tasks a few hours before bedtime. Try to get rid of disturbing thoughts and minimize the time spent in front of the screen. Find some routine activity, listen to calm music, do not overload your brain with unnecessary information.
  • Drink less coffee, or rather skip it altogether.
  • Watch what you eat. Eat less saturated fat and refined carbohydrates. Drink about ten glasses of water a day.
  • Relax. Remember, the higher the stress level, the worse the sleep. Take a bath in the evening, play with your pet, go for a massage, and walk for ten minutes in the nearest park. Spend your weekends and vacations on what you enjoy.
  • Sleep at least seven to eight hours a day.

Final Words

Maintaining a healthy weight requires permanent lifestyle changes. Promotional promises that promise you significant and rapid weight loss are often no long-term guarantees. Do not treat weight loss as a race. Start right and be the winner.

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