Top 13 Superfoods That Boost the Immune System

  1. Wholemeal bread

Top 13 Superfoods for Boosting Immunity

Don’t skip the bread! This is a severe mistake, especially for your immune system. On the other hand, rather than opting for refined white bread, opt for wholemeal bread, which will provide you with iron.

A lack of iron generally translates into intense fatigue, cramps, and nervousness. Don’t hesitate to eat muesli in the morning if you feel feverish and the bread doesn’t go through.


  1. Ginger

Top 13 Superfoods for Boosting Immunity
Superfoods That Boost the Immune System

In addition to flavoring Asian drinks, teas, soups or dishes, ginger is also an integral part of superfoods: it reduces inflammation, soothes pain, and works wonders against nausea.

Eating ginger after eating a garlic-rich dish will help reduce bad breath!

  1. Goji Berries

Top 13 Superfoods for Boosting Immunity

Goji berries, also known as Chinese lyciet, are renowned for their countless virtues. They are rich in vitamin C, B, essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements. Mix them into your smoothies for breakfast or sprinkle them on your muesli in the morning to boost your immune system.

  1. Chia Seeds

Top 13 Superfoods for Boosting Immunity

These small seeds came to us from Mexico and were traditionally used by the Aztecs and the Mayas. Nowadays, they are used in cooking, and their popularity continues to grow. They are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and they provide twice as much vegetable protein as other seeds.

On contact with liquid, chia seeds swell to 10times their original size within a few minutes. They are therefore often used to make dessert creams. But they also go very well with all your salads or yogurts.


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