12 Tips to improve Sleep Quality: Sleep faster and better

12 Tips for better Sleep: How to sleep faster and improve sleep quality

How can I sleep better? Sleep disturbances are not inevitable. It is often enough to respect a few rules to regain the pleasure of a good night’s sleep. Activities and drinks to be banned, comfort in the bedroom.

Follow that Advices to get back to a good night’s sleep

  1. Avoid caffeine and theine
  2. Sports in the evening
  3. Light dinner
  4. A warm bath to help you fall asleep
  5. Respect your sleep
  6. Watch out for screens
  7. Forget your Worries
  8. The bedroom, a place to sleep
  9. The right temperature
  10. Blackness and Silence
  11. A good mattress for a great sleep
  12. The sleep of pregnant Women

12 Tips to improve Sleep Quality: Sleep faster and better

Avoid caffeine and theine

Coffee fans will be disappointed; it is best to take your last espresso after lunch. Similarly, regarding tea and cola drinks, it is better to stop them after 4 pm. It is indeed proven that caffeine lengthens the time to fall asleep and shortens the time to sleep. Instead, drink a herbal tea of soothing plants (linden, verbena, chamomile or orange blossom, but also passionflower, valerian, hawthorn, and hops), or a glass of warm milk which has a sedative effect.

No sports in the evening

Sport activity is excellent for your health. its better to schedule your jogging, swimming session in the morning rather than in the evening. Indeed, from 7 pm onwards, the body temperature starts to drop, a sign that the body is preparing for rest. By increasing the heartbeat, sports practice maintains higher body temperature and wakes the body up, disrupting the biological rhythm. If does your schedule not allow you to practice during the day, take a lukewarm shower and wait at least 2 hours after the end of your session to go to bed.

Eat a light meal

Difficult digestion interferes with sleep, so avoid heavy dinners before going to bed. Avoid red meat and spicy dishes. Choose raw vegetables, white bread, pasta, fish and vegetables, and all dairy products that contain tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel calm and sleepy! Finally, eat dinner as early as possible, because digestion increases body temperature.

A lukewarm bath to help you fall asleep

Do you take a hot bath in the evening to calm you down and prepare you for sleep? Wrong! When the body programs itself to sleep, it lowers its internal temperature. You should, therefore, go in this direction, and offer you instead of a warm bath or shower 37°C maximum, to soothe you.

Respect your sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Maybe you simply miss your hour of sleep because you want to see the end of the movie, finish your book, or because you are with friends. Since sleep is organized in cycles of about an hour and a half, if you miss your “train”, you will have to wait for the next one! So, you risk turning around and going back to bed without being able to hang up the train! In the same way, it is useless to go to bed with the chickens if you do not feel tired, you will not manage to fall doze! When your eyes tingle, yawn, and shiver. It is time to go to bed! Then, if possible, try to go to bed and get up at approximately the same time each day. If you don’t follow your rest rhythm, it will become increasingly difficult for you to sleep well.

Watch out for screens

Some activities can be very disruptive to nap if it is fragile. Avoid television, video games, and smartphones. These gadgets emanate a blue light close to the sunshine light that will trigger the components of enlivening. It is, therefore, better to stop them at least 1 hour before going to bed. Although there are now many smartphone applications “antiblue light”, it is best to ban screens in the bedroom.

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12 Tips to improve Sleep Quality: Sleep faster and better
Sleep faster and better

Forget the worries

Taxes, accounting, copies to correct, we forget! At least one hour before going to bed, make sure you are in a good mood to nap: practice an activity you like (Meditation, knitting, painting, reading.) and put aside your “to-do list.” To banish also, marital disputes! There is nothing like it to get angry, then sit on the pillow and sleep badly.

The bedroom, a place to sleep

It is essential to respect the role of your room. It is a place to sleep, not a multi-activity room! On the other hand, we do not say no to cuddling and sex, which increases oxytocin levels. This love hormone helps reduce stress by lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

A room at the right temperature

In your room, ideally, lower the temperature to 19°C. And sleep with your feet warms! Indeed, scientists have just demonstrated that warming your extremities promotes vasodilation of small vessels and therefore blood circulation. This contributes to falling asleep.

Blackness and silence

To sleep better, it is better to plunge your room into complete darkness: close the shutters, invest in blackout curtains, or put on a doze mask. Silence is also important to ensure a good night’s sleep. If your neighbors are noisy or your partner snores, invest in earplugs.

A good mattress for a good night’s sleep

It’s hard to have dreamy nights when you sleep on a deformed mattress or when the slightest movement of your roommate makes you startle. A mattress changes every 10 years, how old is yours?

The sleep of pregnant Women

In the third trimester rest is often disturbed. The little aches and pains of pregnancy can bother you, a backache, acid reflux, baby movements, etc. Do not hesitate to talk about this with your midwife who will give you some postural advice on how to sleep better during pregnancy, how to invest in a nursing pillow. You can also practice sophrology or yoga.

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