Effective Techniques to relieve and reduce Pain fast and naturally

Effective Techniques to relieve and reduce Pain fast and naturally

Alternative solutions, complementary to treatment, can help to effectively reduce and relieve pain and regain a good quality of life.

Pain, imagined or real, physical or psychological, can become a real poison in everyday life. It monopolizes the thoughts of the affected person who can no longer be positive. By trying to identify its origin, the choice of anti-pain weapons is easier to win the battle.

  • Techniques to relieve chronic pain
  • Easy exercises for less pain
  • Sophrology: it is good for our body
  • Pain treatment: natural alternatives

People who suffer from Chronic Pain must deal with daily pain. That is physically and emotionally complicated. Even with appropriate treatment, medication may not always be sufficient. And when anxiety, depression and poor sleep become involved, the situation becomes even more difficult and painful. The good news is that there are complementary solutions for pain relief that work.

relieve and reduce Pain fast and naturally

Techniques to relieve chronic pain


Many scientists have observed the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including reducing all types of pain. This practice also helps to better manage stress, reduce the risk of depression, improve sleep and increase overall well-being.

Anti-inflammation foods

Pain and depression have been associated with a high level of inflammation in the body. By choosing a mitigating diet dependent on grungy items, products of the soil, sleek fish, and nuts, the indications of incessant agony can lessen.


This ancestral practice has nothing more to prove about its benefits for the body and the mind. Whether you prefer to seek the help of a certified therapist or whether you choose to learn about self-hypnosis through books or smartphone applications, the benefits are the same: reduce pain, increase relaxation and sleep, and decrease emotional distress.


The set of living microorganisms called probiotics helps our “good” bacteria and improves digestion. People suffering from chronic illnesses such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome often benefit. You can find it in the form of a supplement or in certain foods such as yogurt.


It may sound simple, but it’s effective: listening to music carefully for about 30 minutes twice a day reduces anxiety, increases psycho-physical well-being and helps you sleep better. Choose your favorite songs and make yourself comfortable for a relaxing music therapy session!

Medication isn’t the only solution to a sore stomach, a blocked back or a throbbing shoulder. Using the power of our brain and learning to manage our emotions helps to short-circuit the pain.

3 Easy exercises to reduce pain

less pain

You can try these exercises as soon as you feel the pain coming on.


It is the basis of all pain control methods. Sit comfortably and become aware of your body on the bed or chair. Breath quietly and feel your breath, without trying to change it or force it. Then practice a “body scan” from the feet to the head, feel each area of the body, trying to release them one by one.


The simplest way is to play with the visualization of cold or heat. For example, if you have a headache, imagine running your hands through the snow or around a glass of ice water and then saying “I’m bringing coolness to my forehead” by placing them on top of it. The same thing for a backache, imagine your hands in front of a fire, saying “I bring warmth to my back”. The more you visualize these sensations in detail, the more effective it will be.

Using colors

You can also change the perception of pain through color. This is the technique of the magic glove in self-hypnosis: concentrate on your hand and imagine it tinted with a pleasant color that cuts the body from the painful sensation -Then simply pass your hand over the area where it hurts to reduce, by suggestion, the painful sensation.


Sophrology: it does good to our Body

Effective Techniques to relieve and reduce Pain fast and naturally

One of the objectives of sophrology is to develop the positive and to reach Sophronic consciousness. Repeated practices of the technique allow us to achieve this.

Sophrology uses processes that allow us to permeate the positive.

There are, on the one hand, specific techniques that release accumulated body tensions, due to stress for example, and on the other hand, sophrology uses techniques that help us to feel the well-being, the positive.

Each one of us can see it, feel it, in a different way, progressively. These techniques generally produce bodily sensations such as muscular distension, heat, a feeling of lightness, tingling, etc.

Beyond these sensations, sophrology favors the perception of positive emotions such as joy, love, emotions felt much more inside us than sensations.

The twelve degrees of the Dynamic Relaxation of Caycedo allow us to discover little by little, feelings of well-being, serenity, happiness. The sporological methodology accentuates the presence of our capacities and our values in our daily life and we can thus give a greater meaning to our life.

We perceive the benefits of the practice progressively according to the intensity of our training and our biopsychosocial situation.

The repetition of the practice allows sensations, emotions, and positive feelings to become more and more inscribed in ourselves: at the beginning for half an hour, then for an hour, morning and finally to accompany us all day long.

Little by little, we integrate these feelings into our way of being, our perception, our attitude towards life, and this leads us to the development of a new, more positive and serene consciousness, which we call Sophronic Consciousness.

Pain treatment: natural alternatives

Pain treatment: natural alternatives


The treatment of pain by homeopathy considers both the organ that is suffering and the type of pain. The intensity of the pain and the way the patient reacts to it. For homeopathic treatments adapted to everyone, it is advisable to consult a homeopathic doctor in order to establish precisely the terrain of everyone.

The homeopathic strains and dosage will be adapted to everyone in the case of pain management because signs specific to everyone can be associated with the feeling of pain.

As an example, we can cite in the case of nerve pain or following a nerve path: Aconit napellus 9CH, Magnesia phosphorica 9CH. For the pain of the peripheral neuropathy type with tingling of the extremities: Zincum met 9CH.

The treatment will also be different depending on the location of the pain: abdominal, bony growth-related, pain in the extremities, dental pain or following a trauma. In all cases ask your homeopathic doctor or pharmacist for advice.


Phytotherapy: a natural painkiller

Anti-inflammatory plants include Marigold, Yarrow, White Broth and Mallow. The best known and most used is Harpagophytum and the active part with anti-inflammatory action is the root. Different galenic forms exist to consume this plant: capsules, tablets, ointments, powder, herbal teas. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Harpagophytum-based medications are not recommended in cases of peptic ulcer.

Other plants such as Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) or African Peach (which contains Tramadol: a powerful painkiller by prescription only) can be used as pain relievers.

Pain should never be taken lightly and although it may be a sign of an underlying condition, there are many ways to combat it quickly.

Pain, imagined or real, physical or psychological, can become a real poison in everyday life. It monopolizes the thoughts of the affected person who can no longer be positive. By trying to identify its origin, the choice of anti-pain weapons is easier to win the battle.

And it is of course paracetamol that should be the first choice. Because pain is not inevitable, it can be treated, and your pharmacist and doctor are there to guide you if necessary.

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