5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting ? What is the primary remedy for losing weight? No, not a diet. This is a sport! Today we will tell you about the sports that are most effective in helping you lose weight, remove your belly, and find a toned figure.

1. Running (up to 1100 calories per hour)

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly
Lose Weight Without Dieting

Running is one of the easiest solutions for those looking to lose weight quickly. You don’t need a gym and special equipment – only sneakers and sportswear.

Moreover, running is good for the body: it strengthens the muscles and the digestive system, trains the heart, speeds up the metabolism, and saturates the cells of the body with oxygen.

The number of calories burned depends on the duration and intensity of the run. If you are a beginner runner, start by alternating between slow running and brisk walking. 30-40 minutes a day is enough to start. If you’ve been running for a long time, running for an hour at a moderate speed is ideal.

To ensure you lose those extra pounds, run at least three times a week. Want to run every day? Fine! But once a day, take a week off to run, your muscles need time to recover.

Attention: Running is not the safest sport! Running incorrectly can damage joints that are difficult to repair. If you feel uncomfortable after running, then you are doing something wrong. Seek advice from a trainer.

2. Swimming (up to 920 calories per hour)

Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly

Swimming is a challenge for your body, as the movement in the water involves the arms, legs, back muscles, shoulders and buttocks. The perfect way to lose weight fast! This sport improves posture, strengthens the cardiovascular system and hardens. It’s also an excellent breathing workout that builds lungs and increases endurance.

Unlike training on land, swimming in the pool is safe for the joints – while swimming, you do not touch a hard surface. This is why swimming is recommended for those who already have back and joint problems.

The most energy-intensive swimming style is the butterfly; it burns about 920 calories per hour. Next on the list is breaststroke, 840 calories per hour. They are followed by crawling and backstroke (540 calories per hour). However, few people have the strength and patience to swim with a butterfly or even a crawl for an hour. The best option is alternating styles or special training.

3. Hot or Bikram Yoga (from 400 calories per hour)

Lose Weight Without Dieting
Lose Weight Without Dieting

Bikram yoga is called hot because it takes place at a temperature of 40 degrees and a humidity level of 40%. The lesson lasts 90 minutes and consists of 26 asanas, as well as breathing exercises. Not everyone can do this!

Many people argue about how effective hot yoga is for weight loss. Almost all Bikram yoga practitioners notice a noticeable weight loss after the first session. However, this is partly due to the significant loss of water as a result of profuse sweating. The weight lost in this way will soon return.

However, during hot yoga, you lose not only water but also fat: at high temperatures, your heartbeat increases, the body has to cope not only with challenging asanas but also with heat. The result is you lose weight.

Those who say that hot yoga will not help you significantly lose weight are forgetting one thing: yoga classes change your figure. Fat cells are replaced by tight and flexible muscles, which can add a little weight, but they look much more spectacular than fat folds! After all, the real goal of losing weight is to get rid of fat, not pounds. Who would give up beautiful muscles in return?

4. Cross-country skiing (up to 1000 calories per hour)

Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly
Lose Weight Without Dieting and Quickly Remove the Belly

A great alternative to running in the winter! Cross-country skiing not only tones your muscles and helps you lose weight, but also develops endurance, trains your lungs, strengthens your immune system and relieves stress.

There are almost no contraindications for walking or cross-country skiing: this sport is good for joints, unlike running, and uses nearly all muscles: legs, arms, shoulders, back and abs. You can choose the speed and style of riding yourself; burning calories is guaranteed in any case!

The recommended distance for beginners is 5 km (40 minutes) at a moderate speed. After 3 weeks of training 2-3 times a week, you can increase the distance to 10-12 km and slightly speed up. The main thing is to avoid discomfort.

Cross-country skiing will require effort and, of course, a lot of snow. If this luxury is available to you – go ahead! Skiing is the key to a slim figure and fun leisure!

For regular exercise, it is better to purchase your equipment. If skiing is a rare event, you can rent skis, boots and even the necessary clothes.

5. Jump rope (up to 1100 calories per hour)

Lose Weight Without Dieting
Lose Weight Without Dieting

If the weather doesn’t make you happy, there is an excellent alternative to running or skiing – jumping rope. It is believed that 15 minutes on the rope replaces 30 minutes of running. And not only in terms of weight loss – jumping rope develops endurance and coordination, strengthens the heart and improves posture.

This sport, however, can be painful and traumatic if the safety rules are not followed. First, you need to jump in good sneakers that absorb impacts on the floor. Never jump barefoot! Second, land on your toes. Third, calculate the area of ​​the training room so that the rope does not get caught in furniture. And finally, adjust the rope to your height: stand with your foot in the middle of the cord, lift the handles – they should reach your armpits.

Just jumping may not be very interesting, so we have prepared a whole program of rope training for you.

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