How to avoid Gaining Weight during confinement

How to avoid Gaining Weight during confinement

How to stay fit when you are stuck at home?

a lot of countries ordered two weeks’ Confinement to stop the pandemic of the coronavirus. So we have to stay at home all the time and for Days.

So the question is How can we avoid going weight during this actual confinement? It’s not easy to resist the call of the chocolate bar, or not to go back and forth between the kitchen cupboards and the living room. How can we continue to eat well during this period of immobility?

Eat enough during meals

It is essential to eat sufficient during meals, not to reduce calorie intake.

Keep to the rhythm of 3 meals a day

The idea is, therefore, to avoid anything at any time. We stay on a regular rhythm even when we are out of the house.

tips to avoid weight gain during confinement

Maintaining a sporting activity

As energy expenditure decreases and calories can’t be stagnated, it is necessary to keep a sporting activity. For amateur athletes as well as for the more seasoned ones, it’s time to exercise: from yoga to fitness classes, and video classes have flourished in recent days on the web and social networks.

Plan menus

Your movements are limited. Confinement forces you to think about the contents of your plate.  Plan at least two to three weeks of menus before going shopping. This will allow you to have a balanced diet.

Eating vegetables

The pasta and dry goods departments were quickly raided. But it is also essential to stock up on veggies.  Of course, fresh herbs are preferred at first to fill up with vitamins. But you can then turn to jarred or frozen vegetables. But you have to be careful that they are not cooked.

Drink enough water

When you go to work today, you tend to always carry your flask or bottle of water with you. At home, it’s easy to forget to stay well hydrated.  Count your glasses of water carefully! You should drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration and water retention, which leads to weight gain.

tips to avoid weight gain during confinement

Indulge yourself

Staying home can be a stressful time for some people. During confinement, treat yourself two to three times a week!  A homemade snack with the kids, an aperitif, a pizza, or even a cheeseboard. To keep the week in balance, unwind a few times during the week with products you like. Avoid products that are too sweet or industrialized, which tire you and take a toll on your energy and morale.

Establish a chocolate ritual

Indulge yourself with a large square of dark chocolate + 70% cocoa once a day. Chocolate is known for its anti-depression virtues, thanks to magnesium and zinc, which regulate the nervous and moral system.

there’s nothing like increasing your source of vitamin C by eating two servings of fresh fruit a day. In this way, you can improve your immune system.

tips to avoid weight gain during confinement

Distinguishing between snacking and hunger

It’s not easy to control yourself when you’re home all day. How can you resist facing the closet when you don’t have much of a distraction? How can you tell the difference between wanting to eat and being hungry?  It all depends on the time: if it’s an hour after having lunch, it’s not hunger. When you feel like eating, you often feel like turning to trash products. Ask yourself if this fruit or that handful of almonds would set you up? It helps to know if you feel like compensating by eating.

It is crucial to put discipline in your day. Rhythm your days helps to limit the cravings.  And therefore the weight gain.



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