Health benefits of Love

Health benefits of Love

For some, love offers a sense of well-being and happiness that fills them out and helps them feel psychologically well. For others, it is the sharing and constant discovery of the other that allows them to be happy. Falling in love would have many effects on mental health. A love relationship is often a way to rise above oneself to please the other, to feel reassured by the other, to blossom, and to have self-confidence. Love, also thanks to the hormones that are released during a love relationship, is, in fact, a kind of antidepressant.

Furthermore, according to some surveys, sexuality would help to reduce stress and generally lead to happiness.

Health benefits of Love
Health benefits of Love

Relationship between Body and Mind

The connections between body and mind are apparent, especially when it comes to sexuality. Scientists have shown a better psychological and somatic balance in men and women who led a harmonious intimate life.

The experience of pleasure and happiness goes hand in hand with the release of “fulfilling” hormones such as endorphins, those “pleasure hormones” that give us the real devotion necessary for the balance of the body.

We know how sensitive the cardiovascular system is to the relaxation of the body, to the release of tension, to what we call “letting go.” And endorphins evoke a state of discrete euphoria, stimulate action, strengthen confidence, and self-esteem.

All our senses listen to the signals coming to us from others, from our loved ones. In return, we send out messages of loving availability, which we can rarely enjoy in our everyday urban life. Each sense reinforces the effect of other thoughts. Each sense enhances the presence of the other

Health benefits of Love

Health benefits of Love

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The initial impact

When we fall in love, the feeling of euphoria, intoxication, and elation is associated with the secretion of phenylethylamine. This hormone has a role as a neurotransmitter that enables them to exert a particular effect on specific nerve cells.  Phenylethylamine has a position as a neurotransmitter that allows them to use an impact on specific neurons. In this case, it relieves stress and anxiety and acts as a psychostimulant.

Love and health

The act of love is not alone responsible for all these benefits. The empathy, care, mutual attention, and sense of security present in the emotional relationship play an essential role in the physical and mental health of the partners. When one person is in love, stress levels are reduced, and the immune system gets more robust.

Without emotions, a person, therefore, tends to develop mental illness, which affects his physical health either through excesses or compulsive behavior.

For some, the consumption of drugs or alcohol increases significantly. For others, be alone often increasing the risk of depression and also lowers the body’s immune system, no less.

On the other hand, bonding experiences with a partner contribute to the harmonious development of emotions and shape the growth and maturation of the nervous system.

Sex and Health

Intimate relationships reduce tension and calm anxieties. According to a British study, making Love three times a week increases life expectancy by ten years. And a satisfying erotic life reduces the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. So, to live old, live together.

Endorphins promote bonding between partners and cure headaches. In fact, orgasm has the same effect on the brain as two aspirins.

Better yet, regular orgasms in men could reduce the incidence of prostate cancer by as much as 30%, according to Australian researchers.

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Impact of sustainability

Throughout the entire love relationship, endorphins are responsible for the feeling of well-being. These hormones are neurotransmitters. They act like morphine by binding to specific receptors that block the transmission of pain signals and reduce the sensation of pain.

The body can produce endorphins after a significant effort, such as a sporting activity. The dependence on endorphins is reliable, but not harmful to health. Endorphins could also positively influence our immune reactions.

Love and stability

Folk wisdom has it that when two partners have a satisfying intimate love relationship, they are less inclined to “go somewhere else.” Oxytocin, a molecule that mediates the sensation of pleasure, has a direct influence on the stability of couples. oxytocin is a potent anti-stress agent that probably has a doping effect on the system.

However, researchers have also found that this hormone is more present in couples who touch and stroke each other regularly. These manifestations of physical tenderness also increase the joy and desire to live together. The same hormone also encourages partners to stay in bed when they wake up if they had sexual intercourse before falling asleep together.

Love and the individual

Whatever form of affection an individual may feel, love, commitment, or desire, it makes him or her better. Love calms the individual, makes him or her feel valued, makes him or her more creative. This feeling helps to develop tenderness, generosity, the desire to discover and the willingness to learn. In this way, we become better people, capable of living better in society. On the contrary, the lack of love sometimes drives people to isolate themselves, to become entangled in harmful habits.

Love and calories

Just like walking and running, love has a positive effect on losing weight. A simple wet kiss can burn 12 calories. During thirty minutes of intercourse, you lose between 200 and 500 calories, depending on the intensity of the intercourse. During orgasm, the heart rate increases as if you were climbing three flights of stairs.

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BUT It’s better to be alone than in the wrong company

Of course, love can also lead to the worst gestures, in jealous or possessive people. But this feeling of love has positive effects on your physical and mental health.

The researchers also investigated how partners behave outside the relationship: do they behave differently? Are they more anti-social? The results show that the relationship has a positive or negative influence on depressive symptoms, alcohol problems, and the way people assess their health, depending on the quality of the relationship.

On the other hand, many studies have shown the benefits of a fulfilling emotional relationship, which is particularly conducive to professional fulfillment.

Sustainable love promotes the release of hormones such as endorphins, which act as natural anti-stress and painkillers, and contribute to good heart health.

So, Love each other!


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