Five Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Life (Almost Overnight)

Five Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Life

How to lead a Healthy Life?

We all like to envision ourselves growing older gracefully, enjoying the twilight years of our lives without family and our friends – having plenty of energy to go on adventures, to make new memories, and to spend time with our children (and our grandchildren) that really counts.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are realizing that this dream remains exactly that – a dream – for millions and millions of people every year, simply because we aren’t living the healthy lifestyle we could or should be.

Instead, we feel like we age more rapidly every year, see our strength and energy levels disappear right around blowing out our 50th birthday candles, and just can’t quite find a way to make it into our twilight years without feeling as though our “check engine light” is on permanently.

Thankfully though, there are things we can only do to lead happier and healthier lives while we are young as well as when we get a bit older.

Armed with the inside information below you will be able to enjoy healthy living for decades to come, building a handful of simple habits that can change your life forever – permanently – and can do so almost overnight.

Let’s dig right in!

Healthy Life

1- Get More Sleep

Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Life

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Sleep is mission-critical to leading a healthy lifestyle, giving our bodies and our minds (not to mention our spirit and our soul) plenty of time to rest, recover, and repair.

Sadly though, the overwhelming majority of people aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep as they’d like for one reason or another. This has to change ASAP.

According to a study published by the University of California at San Diego, those that sleep for seven hours a night live significantly longer lives (healthier lives, too) than those that sleep five hours or less each night.

Buy a new bed, dial in the perfect temperature for sleeping, eliminate screen time at night, and cut out caffeine a couple of hours before you want to fall asleep in your life improves almost instantly.

2- Release Stress

Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Life

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Nothing eats away at your body and your health quite as efficiently or as destructively as stress, one of the leading causes of death simply because it’s such a common factor in chronic diseases, medical conditions, and disorders that wear us down day by day.

Cortisol (stress hormone) can trigger inflammation throughout the body that cripples our ability to heal, our ability to repair and restore ourselves, and can even put excess stress on our organs – including our heart – leading to an early death.

It’s important that you release stress in a way that’s really comfortable for you. Some people meditate, some do yoga, some read or take a bath, others workout. The important thing is to release stress ASAP and on a regular basis.

3- Eat Smarter

 Lead a Healthy Life
Healthy Life

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Too many people are quite literally digging their own graves with their teeth, eating foods, and drinking beverages that destroy their health from the inside out.

Your diet is absolutely central to your health and wellness. If you aren’t eating intelligently – and eating healthy – you just aren’t going to live as long as those that really care about what they put into their body for fuel.

Cut out processed foods, abandoned high fructose corn syrup, eliminate as much sugar and excessive carbohydrates as possible, and focus on lean sources of protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables (with some fruits sprinkled in every now and again).

This doesn’t mean you have to give up pizza and pasta permanently, but the overwhelming majority of your meals should be smartly planned and focused on healthy living.

4- Drink (Way) More Water

Simple Habits to Lead a Healthy Life
Habits to lead a healthy Life

To put it bluntly, people aren’t drinking anywhere near as much water as they should be.

The majority of the population globally is walking around in a constant state of dehydration and their health is suffering because of it.

This is one of the easiest things you can do if it can improve your healthy living, and it’s something that we all should commit to doing a better job of. Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day – ideally even more than that – and your health, your wellness, your energy levels, and your clarity of thinking will improve straightaway.

5- Commit to Leading a Well Rounded, Engaging, Exciting Lifestyle

Habits to stay healthy

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Lastly, study after study have conclusively shown that the happiest and healthiest people are those that are committed to leading well-rounded, engaging, and exciting lifestyles that are goal oriented and community driven.

Introverts and extroverts alike should strive to find something that they can really throw themselves into – a project or a goal that they want to accomplish – and it should be something that really forces you to learn, to grow, and evolve as a person.

With this kind of mindset and approach to life it’s almost impossible not to become a better, healthier person each and every day!


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