Bodyweight Exercises: Calisthenics Workout at Home

Practice Bodyweight Exercises: Calisthenic Workout at Home

Calisthenics or Bodyweight Workout is a form of exercise that consists of a different move that involves big muscle groups, such as running, standing, gripping, pushing. So increasing your level of physical activity does not necessarily mean entering a gym or running long runs outdoors in the rain or weather.

Do something simple and easy that only takes a few minutes a day and does not require any equipment. By using our own body (Calisthenics or bodyweight Workout) you can generate enough training stimulus to avoid all the problems mentioned above. In this article, you will discover 5 Bodyweight training exercises that you should do every day to stay fit and healthy.

Practice Bodyweight Exercises: Calisthenic Workout at Home
Bodyweight Calisthenics Workout

Bodyweight Workout 


This is an excellent Calisthenic Workout that easy to do every day, even for beginners. This exercise will work the chest and triceps, with the mutual benefit of working the core muscles as well! As a beginner in Bodyweight or Calisthenics Workout, you can discover the push-up movement by starting from your knees rather than using the tips of your feet. This will allow you to develop upper body strength in no time. such an exercice is a very efficient bodyweight workout that guarantee good results very fast.

Initially, do not worry about performing only a small number. You will be amazed at how quickly you will improve. It is important that you always do one more than you think you can do, even if you cannot finish it. Your body struggles the most when the muscle-building hormones come out in force.


This is a fantastic Calisthenic Workout to do every day. This movement will help build strong core muscles. This helps with posture and stability. A few repetitions a day is all it takes to see a difference. If you are new to this movement, start with a slow, pleasant movement first and use only a comfortable range of motion.


Doing this lower bodyweight workout every day not only strengthens the legs but also improves mobility and flexibility.
Points of mobility and flexibility are extremely important as we age. By always having a range of motion in the legs and hips, ordinary tasks will be considerably easier.
If, at first, you are fretted that you will not be able to get up, use a chair. But instead of sitting completely on the chair, simply touch it gently without putting your weight on it and stand up. Do not worry, you will be able to squat without a chair in no time.

The Burpee

It is one of the most demanding bodyweight exercises, and that is exactly why you should do some every day. This whole-body movement builds strength in the upper body, lower body, and trunk. You will also improve your overall physical condition. This exercise also increases your breathing and heart rate because you can really start using them.

The Board

This is one of the most modest but very beneficial bodyweight training exercises you should do every day. This simple movement requires almost every muscle in your body to work hard to maintain the correct position.
Holding the board position for 20 to 30 seconds each day is enough to start building strength and become a good practitioner of Calisthenics. You will not believe it, but you will be able to hold it for 1 or even 2 minutes before you realize it.

As you can see, you don’t need to join a gym or have a lot of time to do this bodyweight or Calisthenics exercises.
A few minutes a day with one or all of these bodyweight training movements will make you feel fitter and stronger in no time at all.

Weight training exercises are important for maintaining muscle mass and bone density. While exercising with free weights or weight machines can help you reach your strength training goals, you can also achieve them with bodyweight programs.

A smart Bodyweight Workout plan will help you achieve a toned body without overworking it or putting you at risk of injury.

However, there are some precautions to take.

Avoid overtraining syndrome

If your goal is to build muscle mass and have a lean, toned body, you may be tempted to do weight training exercises every day. But working every muscle in your body every day can lead to overtraining syndrome.

Symptoms of overtraining syndrome develop when your muscles have not had enough time to rest and recover after a workout. You may feel tired and exhausted, or you may suffer from muscle injuries, depression, lack of appetite or insomnia. The best remedy to avoid and treat the overtraining syndrome is rest.

An intelligent training plans

Ideally, you should take a full day off between weight training sessions. But if time constraints or the desire to train every day make this impossible, alternate between daily sessions that focus on the upper body, trunk, and lower body muscles.

In this way, you will work each group twice a week and you can take the seventh day off or use it to do flexibility exercises to prevent muscle contraction. Also include exercises like push-ups, boards, gluteal activation lunges, gluteal bridges, squat bends, and squat bends in your training program.

A well-balanced fitness routine

Cardiovascular workout without equipment, such as walking and jogging, should also be part of your fitness plan so that you can strengthen your heart muscle and maintain a healthy weight. Keep your body flexible by stretching after each workout. 5 to 10 minutes of stretching Workout can help you avoid sore, tense muscles while improving your range of motion.

Other things to keep in mind

The fact that you don’t use bodybuilding equipment can make weight training safer, but it’s still wise to play it safe. Talk to your doctor before starting a strength training program at Calisthenics. If you are new to workout or bodyweight training, you may benefit from a professional trainer for a few sessions to make sure you are using the right position and doing the right exercises to help you reach your goal.

15 minutes of Bodyweight training

Have you ever intended to do Bodyweight Workout in the afternoon or evening but have not had the opportunity to do so? Or maybe you have trouble getting started in the morning and feel lethargic throughout the day? Fortunately, you do not need to spend hours at the gym to reap the benefits of exercise. And you do not need machines or weights either. You can exercise at your house or apartment. It is highly recommended to find time for a little exercise every morning.

By starting your day with a 15-minute workout, your body releases endorphins that promote brain function and improve concentration and creativity. You will get a boost in energy, as well as a boost in metabolism. This will help you burn more fat during the rest of your workday. By incorporating a short bodyweight workout into your morning routine, you will feel like you are at the peak of your well-being.

Also, by starting your day with at least a little physical activity, if you must miss your workout later, you will have at least completed that workout. It is a good feeling that guarantees you have been doing something active and healthy every day.

Calisthenic Workout at Home
Bodyweight Calisthenics Workout


Do exercises when you get up before you eat anything. Without an energy source, your body will be forced to turn to your stored fat for energy. This will help you burn more of that unhealthy, low-testosterone fat. If you already do your main workout in the morning, subtitle it on days when you do not have time to go to the gym or do your regular workout. Perhaps you can add it after work to improve your fitness and give you energy for going out at night. These exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. This is the main advantage of Calisthenics.

If you have a parallel bar or even dumbbells, use them. Ideally, you should pull more than you push. So, by replacing your pumps with high bar pulls or a bent row every two days, you will have a good balance. If you need to make the workout harder, try to slow down the tempo of the eccentric contraction. You can also add different tension to planes. Many videos are available on the internet to perform these more difficult bodyweight training tricks.



After your morning workout, try a healthy breakfast with eggs and berries and other healthy food sorts.

  • The good fats found in eggs help increase testosterone levels and promote proper brain function.
  • Dark berries such as raspberries have a low glycemic index and are also rich in healthy fiber. Raspberries have also been shown to reduce levels of cortisol.

So, working out at your body weight every day is good for you. Even if you do not feel like it now, do not worry, you will find your rhythm very quickly. Do not hesitate to work out with friends who share your goals to encourage you. And remember, physical Workout is more fun if you are in a group. Working out will give you the body you want and the health you want. You do not need overdoing it, a 15-minute workout a day is more than enough. Moreover, the Calisthenic is not tiring, is simple to achieve and can be practiced anywhere.

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