Sessegnon teases Conte will kill if he misses the goal

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Spurs left-back Ryan Sessegnon has taunted boss Antonio Conte for failing to score in their home win. Southampton 4-1 English Premier League on Saturday past.

         James Ward-Plaus put the visitors ahead but Sessegnon equalized before Eric Dier, Mohamed Salizu (own goal) and Dejan. Kulusevski will help to score goals ufabet. “Golden Spikes Chicken” won beautifully

         The Sessegnon, who scored the equalizer for the team, said after the game that “If I don’t score, I think [the manager] will kill me!”

         “There were a few minutes before that when Dejan Kulusevski open the ball and I arrived too late so I knew I couldn’t be late next time and I succeeded.”

         Conte, meanwhile, laughed when asked about Sessegnon’s comments: “If you remember 5 minutes ago the ball open and he was behind the opponent. At the bench we were very upset with him because he had to hit the second post and find the right position!”

        “Then he scored and we were completely satisfy and celebrating because five minutes earlier he was not in a position to score. I am happy with him because he has great potential. But you have to show it.”

The Austrian said: “It was easy to clear the ball with the right foot. This is simply not good enough at this level.

“It felt a little bit like the opponents switch into the next gear and we couldn’t follow after the first 20 minutes. It was frustrating to see how big the gap is, to be honest.”