Reliability of online gambling sites

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Online gambling How important is this era? Before you step forward, sign up with any website. How do you know how reliable a website is? And what credibility should we look at? In this article, I will talk about my personal experience to share with you all.

Determining the credibility of online gambling websites What should I know?

1.Domain name or web name that has been registered for a long time or not

Domain name or web name that has been register for a long time or not. How many years (Creation Date), the longer it has been opened, the more reliable. It will be because there is a certain level of confidence. That he will not close the web to escape (But not sure). But if any website that has just been opened for 1-2 years, you should be careful. And many websites that have been open for many years, counting 10 years as the main website. But there are many secondary websites that have only been open for 1 or 2 years, just for the purpose of avoiding something during that time. If so, consider the main site. not a secondary website

2.Domain name or web name How many years

Domain name or web name How many years is the remaining domain in registration (Registry Expire Date), which the website that looks reliable, he will have many years left of the website from the current year? It’s not renewing year after year. can see that Not as reliable as it should be.

3. There is an improvement Or update the website continuously

or not (Update Date) is another consideration that. If there are frequent updates latest near current day It is reliable that the website well maintained

4. Server (Name Server) This should be consider a special one

because in this era. There is a lot of competition. Various online gambling sites therefore wanting to gain market share The part that used to be its own from a long-established website and deteriorating income. 

And has opened a new website to market a new alternative (Or prepare to close the original website. This is pessimistic) If anyone does not know Do not know that the new emerging web It is the same website as any previous website that we have already applied for. or not interested in this information I’ll just look at people who recommend them. and see promotions Or look at a beautiful, easy-to-use web form, something like this, but don’t look at the essence of that. The new web that has arisen Is it the same owner as the website that we used to apply for?

Then how do we know that Which website has this information? I personally use this website to search for information ufabet. Search various websites that we think are the same owner and compare the Name Server information. My observation is… If compared, if the Name Server is the same, it means it’s from the same place. same owner Because most of these websites will rent a single server for management. and safety The price per year should be hundreds of thousands of baht (guess it, I don’t have any knowledge) and if any website is the same owner. but there are many websites Keep in mind that He does it for marketing for real competition. and made to be used as an escape route for their own if they want to close a particular website (personal observation)

….Another thing that has been noticed is Any website that has searched for information, the Name Server number is different and the owner is the same, it means that the website is very reliable. Because he was willing to pay rent for several servers for this particular job, such as ufabet999.

See the comparison of different websites. Find information to see below.