Pep reveals that he wants to rest if he doesn’t renew his sailing contract

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Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola has revealed that he would be taking a break from his work if he did not renew his contract with Manchester City.

         The Spanish boss has a contract with the team until the end of the 2022/23 season, which he has revealed is in talks to extend a further extension. But said that if in the end, not staying with the team, will ask to stop the work first

         “Everything is going well. I don’t have any perspective on the future to say. “I’m pretty sure I’m happy here and in the end I will stay.”

         “If it doesn’t, it’s not because I want to move forward or move on. It’s because I want to stop, I’m going to rest, that’s my idea right now.”

         Pep joined Manchester City in 2016 and has enjoyed great domestic success. The only remaining in the European arena that has not come to occupy.

In total, he is embarking on a seventh campaign with the Blues and revealed that, after a round of initial talks, he will continue negotiations, possibly as early as mid-season, about an extension.

‘Jack is incredibly loved in the locker room. He is so humble and people like him. Of course I want more, not just from Jack but from everyone.

‘I want more, definitely I want more. And he will have to fight. We have a small squad and competition up front is so big and they are really, really good players ufabet. But it is what it is. At the end of the day everybody knows Jack. Every player.

‘One minute on the field show me. The much better you play the more chance you have to play more minutes. And we are optimistic because he has arrived here well and he knows he has the World Cup around the corner.

‘The manager Gareth (Southgate) knows he has a big selection because there are many good players in England national men’s team. And everyone knows what they have to do.’