De Vrij pointed out that the python still has things to improve

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Inter Milan defender Stefan De Vrij has pointed out that the team still has a lot to improve in the 2022/23 season.

         “Python” in the warm-up game, losing 2-4 to Villarreal in the last pre-season, the team conceded goals in every game, which De Vrij sees as a point The team still has to fix, including ball possession.

         “There is still a long way to go and we still need to improve,” De Vrij said. “Especially the possession of the ball. We aim to continue to develop and work together. It’s still not enough.”

         “It didn’t go well. That’s not how we want it. We were not satisfied with the friendly games played because we conceded too many goals ufabet. We have to improve.”

         Meanwhile, De Vrij said about the fans that “They encouraged us. They are always there to support us wherever we go.”

“There’s still a long way to go and we have to improve,” de Vrij said, “especially out of possession. We have to improve and keep working, this isn’t enough.”

“It didn’t go very well, that wasn’t how we wanted it to go,” he continued. “We can’t be satisfied with the friendlies we’ve played given that we’ve conceded too many goals, we have to improve.”

And of the fans, the defender said that “They give us a boost, they’re always with us wherever we go.”