Casino origin, That made for the entertainment of the big people

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Casino, the real origin That caused the casino to come up, if viewed in terms of current rationale. The casino is likely to be caused by a group of capitalists. Who see the behavior of gamblers and those who want to have fun. or entertainment in play. Therefore established a place that collects games and players to gamble by using the name Casino, but still from the above mention. That the casino ufabet originated from Italy. 

gambling behavior

But all because With our human gambling behavior or gambling has been around for a very long time. By bringing many things close to you to set the terms and bet together to play for fun Depending on. How to set the rules and rewards. How to develop into a casino like today that exists all over the world. According to information from different sources stated that Casinos were made for the entertainment of the big people. The eldest of those days, it can be call what people have invented to entertain themselves.

Still, although the purpose of various casinos from past to present around. The world is set up to entertain those who come to play. But for those who wish to travel to play, they must take into account the risks and play appropriately. Because there are many people who play too much lack of moderation cause harm There are many financial problems. So no matter what you do. But even if playing for entertainment, you should think carefully about it. Whatever you play, you must always be conscious.

History of casinos in Thailand

Currently, there are no legal casinos in Thailand. In the past, there use to be legal casinos open. During the reign of King Rama 2 until during the reign of King Rama 5. Because of the problem of people addicted to gambling. Casinos were canceled from 403 sub-districts to 9 sub-districts. And during the reign of King Rama 6, casinos were closed all over the country on April 1, 1917.

In 2008, Samak Sundaravej, Prime Minister of Thailand, said that. “If being prime minister for 4 years, there will be a casino in Thailand in 5 tourist provinces” which Dr. Jermsak Pinthong has written in the newspaper that the opening of a casino in Thailand will cause problems more.

This includes the problem of money laundering that is a problem in many countries. In some view, it is said that opening a casino in Thailand will be more beneficial. Because no matter what, there will be people who gamble anyway. And this money goes to powerful people or influential capitalists. 

Explain the casino playing system

In addition, neighboring countries also open casinos. It’s gone. Not a lot of money flows out of the country. People in Thailand do not receive any benefits. It is the same view that the government brought underground lottery to create a lottery on the ground. Causing enormous amounts of money to develop education. Collect income into the state instead of in the hands of influential dealers. However, this is only a partial view. If there is to open a casino in Thailand, the government should provide information. And educate the people in the country first. Point out the good and the bad that will happen Explain the casino playing system , various effects that may occur. Including various preventive measures to be clear, then a referendum Let the Thai people decide whether or not it should be there or not.

How are foreign casinos?

Have you ever asked yourself in your mind what foreign casinos are like? How to play in foreign casinos ? What methods or procedures are there?

… casinos of foreign countries in the European zone There will be playing various bets that will be the nature of playing a table game or a cabinet game that is known as a slot machine. And there may be sports betting as well. But the betting game will be more or less, it depends on the size of that casino and in addition to betting games, most of them have food and beverages to serve. Let’s order and eat as well, because when playing any bets in the casino, each person usually takes several hours to play or in some places that are big open will be a hotel accommodation in the body and when hungry, go find something. Eat or order a waiter to be served at the table, we can play right away. Anyone who has ever looked after gambling would probably be able to guess.

…Whoever thinks of going to play in a foreign country casino doesn’t have to have much trouble. We just have a passport or passport. Only having enough money to play is enough. We were able to go to the casino before going to play, he would have staff. or bodyguards checking their passports before entering

…but maybe there will be a membership application before playing as well Which the subscription does not take much time. Then he will give you a membership card. Or cards for collecting points To play various games in the casino for exchange for food, beverages or free accommodation, like this. But I’m not sure if it’s like this for almost every casino or not. That is, maybe just a few casinos. First, when entering the casino, the first thing to do is to exchange chips like we see in Many movies are used as an intermediary in placing bets instead of real money. When finished, you can choose to play betting games as you like.