Agent vs direct website differences in betting

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4-5 years ago, who learned to bet on new football? Or are betting on the ball a little. It is already known that there is a football betting through the web. But still very hesitant Personally, I’m still hesitant about reliability, credibility. That the money we deposite will be lost or not. 

So what are the difficult steps? The faces have never seen each other. So how are you going to trust him? It’s better to fight at the tables around the house. Let’s see each other’s eyes. ok, go get the tank Is it more reliable? That’s the problem for the past 4-5 years because at that time, online or social systems were not widespread. 

The difference between an agent and a direct website

So people naturally have to worry. Personally, it’s the same. Let’s see what is the difference between an agent and a direct website

The difference of placing a bet through an agent and placing a bet with a betting website what is that direct I myself may not be able to answer you 100%. Because I have never been. place a bet through Agents first, but I’ll answer this question. in personal view Well, first of all, it
‘s about financial security. 

Placing a bet with a direct betting website must be more secure. Placing a bet through an agent for sure, because placing bets with a direct betting website, financial transactions. Whether deposit-withdrawal, are direct transactions. 

Between the website accepting bets and yourself, but if you place a bet through an agent . You need to transfer money. into your agent ‘s bank account. Here your money will be put on hold. At your agent first, then the agent will bring the credit that you have with that betting website deposited into your User ID.

for some bad agents

This is equal to your money. There was a third party as an intermediary. To hold your money which is right here. It can become a loophole for some bad agents to take advantage of your own money. By not bringing the money you transfer to deposit into your User ID if you happen to encounter this kind of thing. You yourself can not do anything and the website accepts no bets. Be responsible for any damage cause to you.
give another example A few days ago you might have Look at the news at the Internet shop. Arrested for opening an online casino. Which the shop owner is also an agent of Gclub and also got arrest while having a deposit transaction as well. How will you be caught? Of course, you have to lose money for free. Because the police themselves need to seize the money all belong to the medium Including the money in the bank account as well. If you come across this, who are you going to get your money back with?

agents has advantages

But placing bets through agents has advantages. That is if you order a withdrawal You will receive your money within 15 minutes because the agent will take their own money. The reserve is paid to you first. But if you directly place a bet with the website to withdraw that money. You may not get it as fast as placing a bet with an agent. But you will get your money within 24 hours. Your money will not be lost in the air. no matter what No matter how the sky collapses and the soil collapses. You will definitely get your money.
This is all my personal opinion. who wrote this article I’m not saying that the agent is unreliable becauseA good agent that has been doing it for 10 years is still there. I just want to tell you. that placing bets through agents is risky If you find a good agent that’s good, but if you find an agent who is not honest, it’s bad. Ask if you want to place bets via betting sites directly. Where is the best
place if you live in Thailand ? I recommend using the services of or ufabet because it is convenient in terms of More deposit-withdrawal transactions than European betting sites like Ladbrokes, bet365 or anywhere else.
Plus in the matter of The standard was not much different. but will differ in form And the products, services that they have for us or the system to use, sometimes the system is slow, sluggish, that’s the problem. where to choose As for the withdrawal That guarantees that you will receive your money within 24 hours.