10 Simple rules to stay Healthy

10 Simple rules to stay Healthy

To increase ideal wellbeing, stay healthy, and feel better each day, you should apply those 10 Simple rules.

When you buy a car, you know that it will slowly deteriorate the more you use it. Park it in a garage, and it will remain pristine, but drive it, and the tires will wear out, its oil will need changing, its paint will grow dull, and its working parts will break down.

Put more miles on a compact, and it does not become a BMW or a Bentley.

Your body, however, is different. It does become a Bentley the more you use it.

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10 Simple rules to stay Healthy
Simple rules to stay Healthy


There are ten requirements for making that happen. These basic tenets, listed here are guaranteed to usher you to higher fitness. If you follow these general rules, you will get better.

  1. Follow the right program. Choose a plan that is scientifically based and can be tailored to your needs. Then stick with that program for at least eight weeks.
  2. Set a goal. The right main objective, along with specific incremental goals, provides the perfect mix of mile markers and motivation.
  3. No patience, no gain. Gauge your expectations for achieving your goals not by the clock, as you would a salon treatment, but by the calendar, as you would a vegetable garden.
  4. Assess your starting point. To get from Point A to Point B, you have to find out your current condition your Point A.
  5. Alternate hard and easy days, working on not just one but all four components of fitness: conditioning, strength training, stretching, and balance and coordination.
  6. Treat exercise like the powerful drug that it is. Do your workout at the correct time, in the right amount and intensity, for the right duration.
  7. Fuel your body with the right food and liquids. Eat from all of the food groups, and at the correct times, to provide the ideal building blocks your body requires for a healthy body.
  8. Equip yourself with the right essential gear and troubleshoot aches and pains early. Doing this can go a long way in helping you go a long way.
  9. Train your brain. Know the vast physiological metamorphosis exercise sets in motion in your body. Positive or negative thoughts and understanding your body have a motivational and a biological impact.
  10. Everyone can get better. Everyone.

10 Simple rules to stay Healthy

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If you apply these rules to any program you use from now on; you will have already notched up your ability to hone your body through exercise.



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